Add Ingredients To Your Food Safety / HACCP Plan

Add Ingredients to your Food Safety / HACCP Plan

Ingredients are an important element of your company's food safety plan. Your products are dependent on the ingredients used and should be tracked within your HACCP or Preventive Controls plans. 

If you have long list of ingredients, it's recommended to first create the lists under "Supply Chain" >> "Ingredients".  There are two options: 1. Enter the Ingredients manually, or,  2. Upload an existing list of ingredients.  

Adding ingredients to your food safety / HACCP plan can be begun in two separate places within your ConnectFood portal. The first is through the "Ingredients" option, which is found under the "Supply Chain" tab at the top of your ConnectFood dashboard. After you have entered ingredients, you may associate them to your food product through your plan builder.

Upload List of Ingredients - For Long Lists

If you have a long list of ingredients, an option for adding ingredients is to upload a .CSV formatted file of your existing ingredients database. Under the "Supply Chain" > "Ingredients" tab, click the upload button shown below. Your file will require specific fields and specifications to qualify for upload. These specifications are outlined on the "Import File" screen. 

Here's a CSV file that can be used to build your list of Ingredients and Suppliers available.  Please click here to download the file.  

Add Ingredients to your Food Safety / HACCP Plan

If you have a shorter list of ingredients, you can just begin entering the Ingredients inside the Plan Builder.  Click "HACCP / PC Plans" to begin your plan.  

Once you have started your Food Safety / HACCP Plan, the tab with the leaf-shaped icon signifies the ingredients used in your plan. Click on the leaf to open the "Ingredients" tab and click "Add Ingredient."  
After clicking the green "Add Ingredient" button, the following screen will open up. You'll be asked to enter the name of the ingredient, a number your company uses to track the ingredient, and a short description of the ingredient. 
Once you have filled out the appropriate ingredient information, you can assign these ingredients to your process flow diagram and the steps at which they are involved. To begin, open the "Ingredients" tab signified by the leaf icon. Click on the green ellipsis, which will open the option to "+ Add to Process Step."
After selecting the "+ Add to Process Step" button, the following screen will appear, at which point you will select the step within your process flow diagram that the ingredient is relevant. NOTE: ingredients may be assigned to multiple steps.
Next you'll see the ingredient has been successfully assigned to the process step, which is indicated by a green leaf icon. NOTE: You may assign multiple ingredients per step. 


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