Example Expert Food Safety Letter

Process Control for: Food Product Example

Process Date: [DATE]

Food Safety Team:
Bob Jones
Sarah Pilsberry
Roger Parks

Preventive Controls:

The current preventive controls food safety plan for the Food Product Example, as specified by the Food Safety Modernization Act is established and both identifies and addresses biological, chemical and physical hazards. Example Food Company is responsible for continually reviewing their food safety plan and identify hazards that are reasonably likely to cause injury or illness. Example Food Company operates with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), has Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOPs) in place, and actively maintains supporting documentation. The Food Product Example has been deemed safe for human consumption in its current state after review of the processing and packaging records, the product's microbial testing, the product characteristics, and the food safety plan.

Product Characteristics:

Density: 10.75 - 11.05
pH: less than 5.5
Viscosity: TBD
Water Activity: <.90
Packaging Type: foil pouch
Processing Description: Heat product to 190F for five minutes, fill at above 165F and hold for 1 minute or greater.
Packaging Fill Data: 33 grams
Preservative: Potassium sorbate


Please contact us with any questions after reviewing these procedures carefully.

Matthew J. Botos
CEO, ConnectFood

Matthew Botos is the CEO of ConnectFood. He is also the former Director of the Illinois Center for Food Safety and Technology, a non-profit consortium of Illinois food companies, regulatory personnel and academics focused on food safety and the advancement of science and technology for both local and global food sources. As Director, Mr. Botos managed and administered statewide outreach programs involving the training and education of industry, regulatory, and academic institutions. Mr. Botos is currently on the Food Safety and Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) International Subcommittee. He is also one of a few approved instructors of the FSPCA Lead Instructor program launched in October 2015 and has taught over 700 of the nation’s leading food safety experts. Mr. Botos is a former officer at The Institute of Food Technologist, a member of a business advisory board for The Civilian Research and Development Foundation, a member of the Illinois Agricultural Task Force, has had an appointment as a scientific advisor for the Department of Energy, and was Senior Advisor for the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition. Mr. Botos brings extensive experience in aseptic manufacturing and extended shelf-life products, packaging products, and heat exchanger systems. He continues to work with food and life science companies to adapt to the ever changing landscape of new processing technologies and the challenge of adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices to combat both intentional and unintentional food supply contamination. Mr. Botos was also a participant in several government sponsored initiatives that included international programs for-and-with the USDA and USAID specific to the Middle East and the former Yugoslavia. Mr. Botos received his Bachelors of Science in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University with an emphasis in thermodynamics and kinetic modeling of foods and pharmaceuticals.

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