Getting Started - Settings

Getting Started - Navigating Your Settings

The "Settings" section of your ConnectFood portal is where you will find: Profile Information, Account Information, Facility Information, Safety Team Members, Account Users, Billing Information, and the ConnectFood Food Safety Plan Templates Library. 

To begin, navigate to the upper right hand corner of the ConnectFood portal, which is your email address. Click the dropdown arrow next to the email address and select "Settings."

The first tab under Settings is the "Profile" information, which allows you to change Name, Email, Phone, and list any Experience. 

The second tab under Settings is the "Account" information, where you can change your login credentials (account email and password). 

The next tab is labeled "Facility," where you can enter information regarding your physical facility, including the company name and description, add a logo, website, and add contact information including: primary point of contact and address. 

Fourth is the "Safety Team" where you can add members of your facility's safety team and their credentials, including the positions they hold within the company, type of training they've received, and if they're a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI). 

Next is the ability to add "Users" who can login to access your company ConnectFood account. You can add members of your team by clicking the '+ Add User' button and following the instructions on the 'Send User Invitation' popup. 

"Billing" is the next tab, under which you can find saved credit cards on file that are used to process your ConnectFood account purchases, including monthly/semi-annual/annual subscription fees, food safety plan purchases, and expert or professional services orders. 

Lastly, you can access the ConnectFood Food Safety Plan Template Library. This allows you to search the nearly 100 pre-written plan templates to explore if ConnectFood has a template option for your product. 


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