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Printing a Food Safety / HACCP Plan for Submission to Regulatory Authorities

This article serves as guidance on how to prepare your generated food safety documentation to submit to your regulatory authority (Federal, Local Health Departments, etc.).

Please note that we always recommend that food companies / establishments first refer to Federal or their Local Health Department's website for explicit submission instructions.  

Typical components of a submission to a regulatory authority are: 

  • Preventive Controls / HACCP Plan (Process Flow, Hazards, and Controls). 
  • Standard Operating Procedures  
  • Logs/ Records
  • Batch Sheet, if applicable.
  • Validation Studies, if applicable.  

To begin, you'll need compile your food safety / HACCP plan using the ConnectFood food safety plan generator. This includes adding your facility information, food safety team members, product information, product properties, ingredients, equipment, hazards, prerequisite programs, and more. If you need assistance using the food safety / HACCP plan generator, refer to this article to help you get started or register for a weekly help webinar. 

Navigate to the "Reports" tab on the top right hand side of your ConnectFood platform, which will show all the options of reports for you to purchase and print.

Next, you'll need to follow the next few steps to download the reports necessary for submission:

  1. Use the drop down arrow to select which plan you'd like to print reports for - NOTE: if you only have one food safety plan in the ConnectFood system, you may ignore this step.
  2. In the top row, the first plan option on the left hand side will the the first report to download. If you are working with a Preventive Controls Plan, you'll select "Food Safety Package." If you are working with a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan, you'll select "Full HACCP Package." 
  3. Next, make a few selections regarding your Food Safety Plan prior to generating the report to submit:

    3a. Select which authority you're planning on submitting to, and click the green "Submit" button.  This will open a new tab in your browser and begin the generation of your food safety plan. If you select the "State / Local" option, please be sure to select the state to which you are submitting.  
    3b. Next, you may select which Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) you would like included in the final report. You may choose to include all SOPs, no SOPs, or you may select specific SOPs by choosing the "Pick SOPs" option.
    3c. Similar to the SOPs, you have the option to select which Records/Verification information is included in the generated report. You may choose "No Logs," use the ConnectFood Electronic Logs, or you may print sample log sheets that ConnectFood has compiled as templates. 
    Select which log samples you would like included by checking the box next to the title of the log form, and click the green "Choose Log Sample" button. 
  4. After your report has generated, click to download your food safety plan as a PDF file. 
  5. Repeat the download steps for the following reports: "SOP Report," "Supplier/Ingredient Report," and  if you used ConnectFood's logging and records system, "SOP/CCP Logs." Each of these reports contain important information regarding your products that are required to be submitted to your regulatory authorities. 
    6. After you have downloaded your reports, either: A. print and compile the files in a folder and mail to your regulatory authority, or B. compile the files in an electronic format and submit the files to your regulatory authority via electronic submission. Please note that selecting the "Submit" button does NOT automatically submit your materials to the regulatory authority chosen. Methods of submission will vary based on specific regulatory authorities. 


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