Upload Requested Supplier Files

Upload Requested Supplier Files - Supplier Management


This option is used for suppliers that wish to upload existing food safety plans, records, and other documentation per the request of one of their client food companies to the ConnectFood Supplier Upload Portal.  

1. Receive Email Invitation

A supplier will receive an email invitation with a link to the ConnectFood Supplier Upload Portal.  

2. Create Account (Optional)

After clicking the link in the email invitation the supplier has the option to either create a user account or navigate directly to the Supplier Upload Portal without an account.  If a supplier creates an account, the files can be stored on ConnectFood for future client requests for documentation.  Also, the supplier can use ConnectFood's communication and automatic notification system.  For example, if a new version of a file is uploaded, the client is automatically notified.    

3. Upload File Portal

The Supplier Upload File Portal has two groups of files.  The first section of the portal is supplier / company level files which include examples such as Non Disclosure Agreements, Good Manufacturing Practices, and more.  The second section of the portal is the food product/ ingredient level files which include examples such as food safety plans, certificate of analysis, verification studies, and more.  

3.1 Main Status Page

The main status page lists how many required files are missing at the supplier level and for each ingredient.  Click "Start" to begin uploading.  The supplier may return to this page as many times as needed to upload each required type.  When the supplier has completed the uploads to best of their capability, click "Finish", which will notify the client that their uploads are complete.        

3.2 Upload Page  

The upload page for company / supplier level files and also product / ingredients will list the required file types at the top of the page in the light brown section.  Click the "Upload" button to begin uploading files.  When complete, click the "Close" button.   


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